What is Arcade Resort Okinawa?

Within the shopping arcade is the Arcade Resort Okinawa Hotel & Cafe,
providing a comfortable and relaxing space where time can drift away.

On the first floor, guests can enjoy food and alcoholic drinks in the cafe
while the second and third floors provide guest rooms to spend the night.
Views of beautiful sunsets can also be viewed while relaxing on the rooftop.

Please enjoy a special stay at Arcade Resort Okinawa and visit again.


Price Plan

2F Guestroom1 1 room 1 night ¥15,000
2F Guestroom2 1 room 1 night ¥20,000
3F Guestroom3 1 guest 1 night ¥4,000
※Breakfast can be provided for ¥500 per person.

Extended Stay Price Plan

Extend 1 hour ¥750 (stay can only be extended until 13:00)

Check In / Check Out

Check In 17:00 - 21:00
Check Out 9:00 - 11:00
Reception 9:00 - 23:00


Credit card JCB、AMERICANEXPRESS、DinersClub、VISA、MasterCard、UnionPay
Electronic money Nanaco, Rakuten Edy, WAON, QUICPay, iD
Please pay at check in. Cash, credit card, electonic money

The following items are provided:

Toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, face towel, bath towel, hair dryer
Other products such as facewash and razors are available to purchase at the reception.

Welcome Drink (Coffee or Tea)

As a small token of our gratitude, guests will each receive one free drink.Simply hand over the "welcome ticket" received during check in. Why not take a break and relax after dropping your luggage off in your room?


Koza Area

The Bustling Area of Okinawa City

Although it may be a little difficult to explore the many different areas dotted around, it is possible to do within one day by using a car or bus. Visitors can explore the streets of Gate-dori and Park Avenue, which overflow with an exotic atmosphere. or cycle through the luscious green parks that face the sea. There are also many places to enjoy eating, including cafes with delicious rice, diners popular with the locals and the Payao fish market. Okinawa City is especially proud of it’s nightlife. There are many live music venues that play all types of genres from traditional rock and ballads to jazz and folk. Visitors can enjoy food and drink at bars which all have their own personality. Just a 5-minute walk from Arcade Resort Okinawa is Park Avenue,an area that comes alive at night crowded with locals both young and old, men and women. If you have the courage to venture into the town, then you will surely have some unexpected encounters.


Between ourselves,

Located in the heart of Okinawa Prefecture, Okinawa City is the perfect location for those who want to visit the whole of Okinawa. The south is just a 40-minute drive from Naha airport, while Churaumi Aquarium in the north is a 2-hour drive from using the expressway. This means that visitors with a limited time can enjoy numerous sightseeing spots. Arcade Resort Okinawa is located within a 3-minute walk from Goya bus stop, and within a 10-minute drive to the Southern Interchange on the expressway. Many sightseeing spots popular amongst foreign tourists are all easily accessible. These include the Mid-Sea Road, Mihama American Village, and AEON Mall Rycom, as well as the Music Town Oto-Ichiba where many Okinawan events take place.

(AEON Mall Rycom: 15-minute bus ride from Goya bus stop, or 10-minute drive)
(Mihama American Village: 30-minute ride from Goya bus stop, or 20-minute drive)
(Mid-Sea Road: 30-minute drive)
(Music Town Oto-Ichiba: 5-minute walk)
(Okinawa City Ball Stadium: 10-minute drive, or 30-minute walk)


A One-off Experience

At Arcade Resort Okinawa, we are currently in collaboration with 'Handmade Hana' and 'Boutique La Seine' to offer a 'Made in Aro' experience in the first floor café for all customers who visit the shopping arcade. Although the experience is only in Japanese, overseas visitors are welcome to participate and will be greeted warmly by the shop owners.


Handmade Flower

  • ・Make a Shamisen
    Let's master making a mini shamisen!The teacher will do the tricky parts so don't worry.
  • · Goya Soap Carving
    Cut the soap with a special knife to make goya soap!
  • ・Make an Owl With Paper Clay
    Let's make a symbol of happiness with paper clay!
    Take it home and place it in the entranceway to bring good fortune.

Boutique La Seine

  • ・Make 4 No-Sew Bush Clover Coasters
    Choose your own combination of cute cloths to make your very own coaster!


1F: Front & Cafe icon-wifi


Akthough ustomers who have made reservations are of course priority, we also welcome guests who are staying overnight as long as there is an empty room.Why not make this the spot where you enjoyed your final evening in Koza?



The café serves meals and drinks, and can be used by guests without overnight reservations. Breakfast is served in the morning and lunch and coffee is served in the afternoon. In the evening, it becomes a space where guests can socialize with a drink in hand. It can also be used as an event venue so please feel free to contact us.


2F: Guestroom1・2 / Rest Space icon-wifi


Guestrooms are available for groups of 1-5 people. Private shower room and toilet.

Price ¥15,000 (per room)
Maximum number of people 5
Number of beds 3 (bunk beds)
Facilities Shower, toilet, Wi-Fi,
plug sockets, air-conditioning, lighting


This guest room can accommodate groups of 1 to 7 people, and comes equipped with shower room and toilet.

Price ¥20,000 (per room)
Maximum number of people 7
Number of beds 4 (bunk beds)
Facilities Shower, toilet, Wi-Fi,
plug sockets, air-conditioning, lighting

Rest Space

Room for guests only.


3F: Guestroom3 / Laundry icon-wifi


Room for 1-2 people.

Price ¥4,000 (per person)
Maximum number of people 2 people to 1 room
Number of beds 1 (bunk beds)
Facilities plug sockets, air-conditioning,
Shared shower room and toilets (separate for men and women)


Coin laundry facilities available (washing machines and driers) Please purchase detergent and softener at the first floor reception.


4F: Roof Floor icon-wifi


Air jacuzzi for guests only. Available from July to mid September

Roof Floor

If the weather is warm, guests can also enjoy a barbecue on the rooftop. (Reservation system) Available from June to mid November